Excavation Projects

Recent Projects


We completed the bulk earthworks to the new regional distribution depot between August and December 2015.

In advance of the main excavation works protected species of grasses and moth bearing plants were relocated on site as part of an environmental mitigation process this was undertaken by specialist contractors and supervised by English Nature.

The works required the stripping of over 140000 m2 of topsoil to be placed in bunds around the site. A bulk excavation of 120000 m3 was undertaken with all materials being reused as fill on site following lime stabilisation.

The surface formations were all cement treated with over 120000 m2 of surface area treated before 60000 tonnes of recycled capping materials were imported to site.

In addition to the stabilisation works over 5000 metres of land drainage was installed and 150000 m2 of geogrids were used on site.

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Allerton Waste Park

We have recently completed the bulk excavation works on the above project for Vinci Environment.

The works required the excavation of up to 9 metre deep reception pits for the waste handling and storage structures as well as large areas of heavy duty building areas.

The works were undertaken between February and April 2015.

Aldi Regional Distribution Centre Cardiff

We are currently on site undertaking the earthworks to produce the building and external areas for the new Aldi Distribution Centre.

The works require the importation to site of over 100000 tonnes of suitable fill materials and 60000 tonnes of recycled aggregates. The works are being undertaken within the boundary of a sssi.

As part of the works we have enlarged and re-profiled the tidal reen drainage system around the site in cooperation with the local drainage board and environment agency.

All materials imported to site are carefully monitored by regular testing and validation due to the sensitivity of the site within the sssi.

The works commenced in February and will be complete before the end of July.

Rotherham Biomass Plant Rotherham

We are currently undertaking the site remediation works for the new biomass plant on the former Firth Rixon site in Rotherham for interserve.

The works require a full remediation of the former steel works site to remove all materials including buried structures and foundations to allow piling works to follow.

The works require the removal of approximately 48000 m3 as part of the remediation with all materials to be processed to be made suitable for reuse on site.

Works started in May and will be complete by early August.

RAF Brize Norton

Advance demolition works are being undertaken to clear the site for the construction of a new hanger on the RAF base. Bulk earthworks will commence following the completion of the demolition of the former engine detuner pictured.

Aldi Regional Distribution Depot near Bolton

Work has just started on the site of the new Aldi Distribution centre at the former Cutacre Open Cast Coal site near Bolton. The works are being undertaken for Harworth Estates and Aldi.

Approximately 250000 m3 of material is required to be moved to form the new distribution depot. Works will last for 20 weeks with a combined contract value of in excess of £1.5 million.

Brigg Renewable Energy Plant

Main Contractor - Moortown Construction

Full site remediation in preparation for new power station. The works included breaking out all slabs and foundations of the former British sugar factory, processing of hard materials on site for re-use, and cut and fill exercise to produce the required site levels, disposal of surplus materials off site.

Date: February to May 2014

Solihull Business Park

Main contractor - Bennimans

Contract is for earthworks and stabilisation to form building platforms.

Date: February to April 2014

Jaguar Land Rover New Engine Plant Wolverhampton

Main Contractor - Interserve

Bulk earthworks on the new factory site to form building platform, external parking and storage areas and surface water storage ponds.

The importation of over 20000 tonnes of recycled aggregates to protects prepared formations.

Date: July to November 2013

Aldi Regional Distribution Centre - Goldthorpe

Client - Working Directly for Aldi PLC

Bulk earthworks to form proposed building platform, service yards and car parking area for new distribution depot. Total earthworks volumes 154000 m3 to be moved as part of the works and 40000 tonnes of imported stone required.

Date: March to July 2013

West Yorkshire Police - Carr Gate Regional Training

Main Contractor - Interserve Construction Limited

The earthworks on the new regional training centre which requires the formation of building platforms, car parks and specialist training areas.

Date: July 2012 to February 2013

West Yorkshire Police – Leeds Divisional Headquarters

Main Contractor - Interserve Construction Limited

The bulk earthworks to form new building platforms for the new police headquarters at Elland Road. Over 50000 m3 of spoil is required to be removed off site as part of the works.

Date: July to December 2012

West Yorkshire Police – Wakefield Divisional Headquarters

Main Contractor - Interserve Construction Limited

The reduced level excavation and soil stabilisation of the new divisional headquarters and custody suite plus all external parking areas.

The importation of type 1 on cement stabilised sub grade.

Date: June to August 2012

Herontree North and Whipperdale Rifle Ranges

Main Contractor - Carillion Civil Engineering Ltd

The bulk earthworks to form two new 600 metre long rifle ranges for the garrison at Catterick. The works involve the handling over 250000 m3 of materials on site.

Date: April 2012 to August 2013